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2014 in Review

  1.  Fourth of July Parade – Handed out 3,000 to 4,000 tracts and candy.
  2. Oikos Evangelism and Discipleship Conference at the Der Dutchman featuring Emeal Zwayne of Living Waters and breakouts by Oikos church members.
  3. Oikos Retreat – Focus on Jurisdictions in the home, church and government.
  4. Black Thursday Evangelism – Gave out about 1,000 tracts between Kohl’s and Target.
  5. Began deacon search.
  6. Taught through 1 John and continued in the book of Luke.  Started the book of Nehemiah.
  7. 2014 was the year of counseling – most Biblical counseling we have ever done in our 7 years.
  8. We had our first congregational meeting on a potential building site with hours spent analyzing  data and prepping to potentially secure a location.  We had a very successful voting process established with some great lessons learned.   We confirmed that Columbus is our evangelistic Jerusalem (epicenter of where we want to engage the Lord’s work).
  9. Red, White and Boom evangelism and street preaching on July 3rd.
  10. Baptized seven individuals.
  11. Worked through a book on Deacons by Alexander Strauch.
  12. Bought an equipment trailer and arranged to store the trailer.
  13. Continued to contribute significantly to adoption and benevolence.
  14. We had men volunteer to set up the building each Sunday.
  15. We spent over $10,000 in Benevolence and Adoption funds, about $3,000 in evangelism, 10% of our budget to missions, about $2,500 for the retreat, $7,000 for two conferences.