Reformed   |   Elder Led   |   Family Discipleship   |   Hilliard, OH

About Us

Oikos is Christ-centered, Reformed, elder-led and family-integrated fellowship that meets in in Columbus, Ohio.  Join us at 10:30am every Sunday morning at our permanent location at 3567 Trabue Road, Columbus, Ohio 43204.

Our people are committed to glorifying God through submission to the whole Word of God which agrees with His world. We will reach out to the community and the world with Christlike, incarnational compassion in order to extend God’s hand of salvation to build mature, joy filled, radical, praying, missional and reduplicating followers of Christ and churches. The fellowship exists to strengthen the Biblical concept of family, both physical and spiritual, in a non-age segregated environment.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail or to call (614) 738-9794.

The Five Year Plan – Oikos’ Six Arrows – From a sermon on 2 Kings 13:14-19

To the generation that is radically redefining marriage and replacing the institution that God has established with horrific results for both adults and children, we will notch our first arrow…
• Marriage Building/Family Building – Strengthening existing marriages and following God’s created plan for marriage.

Firing our second arrow out of the window to strike the ground, we are going to purposefully engage in…
• Loving the Elderly – Demonstrating Christ’s compassion.

To a community that has rejected Jesus Christ, we fire our third arrow…
• Local Community Reaching – Concentrating on a local community to create true fellowship and communion in Christ.

Against the enemy who is invested in making relationships superficial through social media and at-arms reach communications (people can live without being honest about themselves their entire life), we will fire our fourth arrow… 
• Intentional Disciple Making – Purposefully making obedient and reduplicating followers of Jesus Christ.

Fitting the fifth arrow to the bow and stretching it out for a decisive shot, we plan on…
• Elder Raising/Training – Training and equipping men to plant autonomous churches and to lead in the local body-life of the church.

The sixth arrow fired at a degenerate culture and the gates of hell is…
• Self-Sustaining Group Formation – Keeping Oikos small, flexible, inviting, local and mobile.  Following the pattern established by the early church.

Where do you fit in this?  You were made finite, so you cannot do everything, but you do have a place.  Will you minister to the elderly?  Will you build your marriage?  Will you disciple and be discipled?  Will you aspire to eldership?  Will you support a plant of a local body that will eventually become an autonomous local, Gospel centered church?  Will you see the enemy conquered?  Only if you participate as a confident Christian.

The 5 Year plan has some wide reaching impact.  The 5 Year Plan is broader and greater than our current strength.  The Plan requires the graciousness of God in keeping His promises, but it also requires people who do not have a Joash heart.