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Black Friday Evangelism

Back on the day after Thanksgiving, we had a fantastic turnout of families from Oikos Community Church at our annual Black Friday Evangelism outing.  We handed out about 700 individually wrapped cookies/doughnuts and about 800 to 900 tracts at the area stores that formed lines in the wee hours of the morning.

The kids, in particular, had a stellar time handing out tracts.  I was greatly encouraged by their boldness and the fact that I saw no one hanging back.  As a young man, I did not get over my “fear of man” until I was significantly older than the young ones that I saw witnessing with such abandon this year.

What a great example these parents are giving their children by setting the right priorities.  Several of our families have told me that they continue to “paper” areas as they travel for the holidays.  Tract giving can be contagious and tremendous fun if it is cultivated in a family on purpose.  Praise the Lord for our opportunities to serve alongside one another.