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Theism – The Imminent Threat

For the militant atheist, theists of all stripes, and particularly Christians pose a grave and imminent threat.  Our crime?  We apparently threaten to undermine science education – thus destroying our corporate worship of the wonders of evolution and stultifying our ability to conduct scientific research. In the imaginations of the atheists, if the theists prevail, […]

C.H. Spurgeon on Creeds

The Church as She Should Be by C. H. SPURGEON (1834-1892) It is our duty to make a clear and distinct declaration of our principles, that our members may know to what intent they have come together, and that the world also may know what we mean. Far be it from us to join with […]

Excerpts from a Bite & Devour Sermon – Truth and Unity

·       Paul’s life provides a model of Christian peacemaking. He recognized the gospel as both “the word of truth” and “the gospel of peace” in Ephesians. When compromise was an acceptable course of action to help believers live together in harmony, he was ready and willing to compromise.  But when the truths of the gospel […]

Righteous Christians Shouldn’t Study Other Religions?

There is a perception among Christians that to learn about other religions is a waste of time.  Others may even go so far as to slander those who study other faiths and to impute to them the false motive of encouraging idolatry. How do we deal with Paul?  Paul, who entered the city of Athens […]

Evolutionary Moral Standards

The other day, while driving in Columbus, I noticed an unusual set of bumper stickers – “Get real!  Jesus would not own a gun or vote Republican” alongside a Darwin fish. Massive irony!  You are invoking a God that you do not believe in to affirm supposed universal moral standards  that cannot exist outside the […]

Violence and Religion (and the supposedly Non-Religious)

With all of the recent violence being committed in the name of Islam, Richard Dawkins, noted atheist, stated that Islam had not abandoned bloodshed while at least the other major religious traditions had abandoned the frenzy. It was like he was paying us in the Christian community a back-handed compliment.  We are no longer complete […]

2014 in Review

 Fourth of July Parade – Handed out 3,000 to 4,000 tracts and candy. Oikos Evangelism and Discipleship Conference at the Der Dutchman featuring Emeal Zwayne of Living Waters and breakouts by Oikos church members. Oikos Retreat – Focus on Jurisdictions in the home, church and government. Black Thursday Evangelism – Gave out about 1,000 tracts […]

The Culture War and a Word Called Love

I never watch the Grammys.  They are an utter waste of time where the plumed-peacocks of self-congratulation are all on display. The only use for the Grammys is to see where the Generals of the Culture War are going to plant their flag.  The Grammys are an account of their victories as they continue their […]

Why Do We Teach Frequent Bite & Devour Sermons?

On an almost bi-monthly basis, Oikos Church reserves a Sunday for teaching on “Bite & Devour”.  The term comes from Galatians 5:15 – “But if you bite and devour one another, watch out that you are not consumed by one another.” We believe strongly that churches are not healthy because they have not taken  the […]

Lots of Things That Are Predictable Via The Creationist Model

Listening to the Ken Ham and Bill Nye debate…  Nye keeps asking for things predicted by a creationist model.  Here are just a few off the very top of my head… 1.  One race (Ken mentioned this one). 2.  Bent rock layers that supposedly reflect millions of years that did not crack when they were […]