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Lots of Things That Are Predictable Via The Creationist Model

Listening to the Ken Ham and Bill Nye debate…  Nye keeps asking for things predicted by a creationist model.  Here are just a few off the very top of my head… 1.  One race (Ken mentioned this one). 2.  Bent rock layers that supposedly reflect millions of years that did not crack when they were […]

Worthless Pastors

I’m always greatly appalled to attend a funeral where the officiating pastor stays absolutely mute about the glory of God and when he perversely makes sinners into saints. I have a friend that I greatly love whose mother died.  The gray haired and sage looking Reverend pontificated from the pulpit about how the dearly departed […]

Theology in Flux

It has always stupefied me how quickly someone can change their theology.  Theology on any given matter is one of those things that should never be arrived at hastily and certainly never abandoned hastily. Over the years, I’ve borne witness to many that have embraced particular theological positions out of a matter of convenience.  One […]

Are We Winning the Pro Life Battle?

Russell Moore has a fantastic article on this topic at his site – Here is an excerpt: I’m afraid the same is true on the individual level. A feminist leader once said that most Americans are pro-life with three exceptions: rape, incest, and “my situation.” When the teenage daughter is pregnant, the theory is abandoned […]

Black Friday Evangelism

Back on the day after Thanksgiving, we had a fantastic turnout of families from Oikos Community Church at our annual Black Friday Evangelism outing.  We handed out about 700 individually wrapped cookies/doughnuts and about 800 to 900 tracts at the area stores that formed lines in the wee hours of the morning. The kids, in […]

Communion Song (Behold the Lamb)

Show Us Christ (Sovereign Grace)

Closet Identity

Who are we?  Our identity is what is inseparable from us as we go from one sphere to the next.  It defines what we cannot cast aside and what we must take with use everywhere in order to remain whole and complete people. The homosexual community certainly understands this.  They have gone to great lengths […]

Greetings and Gratitude from New Mexico

2011 – Year in Review

God has greatly blessed the people of Oikos in the last year. Just a few highlights from 2011: Oikos retreat – Our families enjoyed a fantastic time of fellowship in Berlin, Ohio for three days.  The church sponsored all regularly attending families during a time focused on what the church is and is to be.  […]