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Lots of Things That Are Predictable Via The Creationist Model

Listening to the Ken Ham and Bill Nye debate…  Nye keeps asking for things predicted by a creationist model.  Here are just a few off the very top of my head…

1.  One race (Ken mentioned this one).
2.  Bent rock layers that supposedly reflect millions of years that did not crack when they were flexed at almost obscene angles.  If they took millions of years to lay down, they would have been to hard not to fracture when bent so radically.
3.  Polystratigraphic fossils that go through multiple layers that supposedly took millions of years to lay down.
4.  The scientific method itself is only predictable if we assume that a Creator God organized the universe.  Science could not exist without the belief that everything is ordered and observable.  Such an idea began with “God created…”  An intelligence fashioned the world to be understandable and organized.
5.  Billions of dead things laid down in rock layers all over the earth by water.  Miles of fossilized jelly fish were no big surprise to us despite them being soft bodied and deteriorating rapidly (presumes rapid and catastrophic deposition).
6.  Ice Age – climate instability after the flood.
7.  Diversity, yet unity in life – Yes, a common Creator would explain that , too.
8.  The balance of the magnetic field, distance from the sun, composition of the earth’s atmosphere, and a myriad of other forces that make the earth ideal for life, but make other planets killers…  The earth was created ideal for life.
9.  Entropy.  The Bible describes things running down.  While evolutionists would not readily accept the idea that new life is not being created somewhere out there, the universe is running down and this is hardly conducive for spawning new life (even if you believe that energy and matter can create life and consciousness).  Our predictive model says that we will lose more species in the future and if this is left to its natural digression, that life would disappear.
10.  A theory of languages that diverged suddenly (i.e. Tower of Babel).
11.  The creation/flood model would predict that there would be great discordance in the dating methodologies due to contamination and other accelerants.
12.  We have now proved that almost every rock layer in the Grand Canyon was laid down by water – even the Cochinino Sandstone (Go oolites! Go Flood!).
13.  The existence of an infinitely creative God would naturally result in a immensely complicated, beautiful, diverse, but unified universe.
14.  Young earth –  Helium not having escaped out of rocks.
15.  That evolutionists even while denying that a personal God made all things, would still insist on personalizing nature through capitalization, calling it Mother Nature, etc.
16.  That guys like Bill Nye would come thousands of years later – 2 Peter 3:3-7.
17.  That dating models like sea floor sedimentation depth and others would fall perfectly into the Biblical chronology.