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Violence and Religion (and the supposedly Non-Religious)

With all of the recent violence being committed in the name of Islam, Richard Dawkins, noted atheist, stated that Islam had not abandoned bloodshed while at least the other major religious traditions had abandoned the frenzy. It was like he was paying us in the Christian community a back-handed compliment.  We are no longer complete knuckle-draggers (just mostly unenlightened).  Dawkins tweeted:

No, all religions are NOT equally violent. Some have never been violent, some gave it up centuries ago. One religion conspicuously didn’t.

It is my somber duty to inform Richard that mankind will never abandon violence without external intervention.  It is written into our fallen nature.  Even his own camp has certainly not escaped from this.  Pol Pot, Lennin, Stalin and many other despots have been committed to their brand of secular humanism devoid of God’s influence.  If Christianity is responsible for some of the evil of past history, then atheism is certainly responsible for today’s highly efficient, modern forms of evil as seen in the mass slaughters.

While Dawkins may point out that Christianity has had a bloody past, he should also be quick to mention that Christianity has been responsible for the greatest amount of good in history’s past – hospitals, universities, government, the inception of the scientific method, economic theory, etc.